State of Flux

Collagraph print — Morecambe Bay


Looking over to Arnside Knott from Grange over Sands (image copyright James Lester)
Grange over Sands salt marsh
Image copyright James Lester



Research, Research, Research

EasyTide predictions
Monoprints using tidal curves to represent life cycles and actual materials collected on site

Collecting Materials — life forms of the Bay

Monoprints -layers show changing channels

Changing channels

Map published in 1781
Collagraph Map — Embossed print
Collagraph plate to create maps of the Bay

Exploring changing shapes of water

‘Quick’ collagraph prints
There are signs of erosion along the Grange/Kents Bank salt marsh, which is receding
Photo taken 14 years ago (2006?) — the “beach” at Grange over Sands (see photo for credits)
I took this photo in March 2021 It’s possibly not quite the same angle as above, but it provides some insight into the receding salt marsh. Using the height of the metal posts to measure the depth of the salt marsh as a ratio.
Sketches at Grange over Sands — Watercolour

Life on the Bay

Making connections

combining influences using symbols— moon, erosion, plant life

Developing Ideas

Mapping the River Kent channels

Creating stencils for printmaking
Mono printing using ‘ghost’ print techniques
Collagraph ‘Blind’ print/ Embossed Print.
Collagraph plate creating texture and a ‘map’ of salt marsh changes
Spartina starts to ‘invade’ at Grange over Sands, which had previously enjoyed a beach.
Using collected vegetation from the salt marsh as a record of life forms
Embossed shapes in the panel before mono printing with colour
Birds on the move and wading in their feeding habitats.
First Stage — Collagraph and Embossing onto damped paper
Keeping order — Making sure the channels were printed in sequence of time and matching the dates to the maps. It created a nice collection of first prints using the stencils before taking a ghost print in the finished panel.
Silverdale with its salt Marsh on the right — Panel 1
Stencils used for bird imagery
four hangings including the two prototypes




I am an Artist based in the South Lakes and enjoy working with a range of media including print making.

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Karen Lester

Karen Lester

I am an Artist based in the South Lakes and enjoy working with a range of media including print making.

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